Wirral Passion Play this Easter
Four Days. Three Parks. Two Rivers. One Sacrifice.

Christ’s Passion for Wirral is not just a live, contemporary retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told, it’s a weekend of activity for young and old, Christian and non-Christian across the whole of the Wirral.

Many people enjoy the celebrations of Christmas and know what it’s all about; not so many engage readily with the meaning around Easter. Many religions acknowledge that Jesus was a historical reality but differ on how they view recorded events.

Christ’s Passion for Wirral is a chance for people across Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond to engage with the real life events of the first Easter.

The weekend will also include a mass junior choir of Birkenhead junior schools, and there will be a full education package for teenagers including RS and PHSE lessons that we at Wirral Youth for Christ will be delivering in Wirral schools this month.

We will be delivering RE lessons looking to explore the Resurrection and how Christians find hope from Jesus raising from the dead. The PHSE lesson is about betrayal and friendship. As we do this we will be looking at how Judas and Peter treat Jesus and how Jesus responds to Peter and humanity.

We are looking forward to doing this as we continue to share the Good News with our local high schools. Please continue to pray for as we deliver these lessons.

Christ Passion for Wirral website: http://www.wirralpassionplay.co.uk/