This week has been a really exciting week for the Youth for Christ family as we launched a new national project called The Sync Coach. Sync is about stories and Sync is about relationships and teaches about a natural, relational approach to evangelism. It’s a resource dedicated to encouraging and supporting young people to put God on display in their everyday.

About a year ago the development process for The Sync Coach began and I had the absolute privilege of working alongside the team at National Youth for Christ to dream up and to write this new project. After a couple of trips to Birmingham, multiple pilot studies and a lot of videos, the project was ready for to be launched; and what a project it is!

The Sync Coach is based around a brand new YouTube Channel that engages Christian young people and trains them to share their faith with their friends in a relevant and relational way. Not only does the resource provide a series of films for young people, but also four interactive youth sessions for groups to take part in. There is also a film series for youth leaders to watch alongside their young people to help them to be more effective evangelists.

The Sync Coach is FREE to sign up to and I would absolutely recommend that you do sign up! Whether you’re an individual or a group, a youth leader or a young person, this new resource will totally change the way you think about evangelism, and will ultimately help you to share your story and communicate the Gospel in a relevant way.

For more information or to sign up then head over to the Sync website:

Alisha Bardolia, Second Project Lead at Wirral Youth for Christ